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Josephine Philip and Hannah Schneider are artists known from the world of popular music, where they have successful careers as both soloists and in bands such as Darkness Falls and AyOwA. Since 2018, the two composers and singers have come together as the performance duo Philip | Schneider to create seductive spatial voice compositions that engage the body, ears, and mind. The works draw both threads to their common background in popular music, and modern compositional music and performance art. Basing their practise on the voice, they explore the boundaries between the world of music and art.

Josephine Philip: Singer / composer in the girl band Favelachic (2005) and in the duo JaConfetti (Ane Trolle) who released the album The Rainbow Express in 2007. Singer / composer in the duo Darkness Falls. In 2011 the EP Darkness Falls was released and the debut, Alive in Us produced by Anders Trentemøller. In 2015, the second studio album Dance And Cry was released. All publications were received at home and abroad with great reviews. In 2011, the single Hey! was the most played Danish number on P3. In 2017, they won a Robert for "Best Original Song of the Year". Josephine has worked with Trentemøller, Filur, Christian Löffler and others. Author, singer / composer at the children's audio book work The Tale of Lily Bitten (published at Gyldendal).


Hannah Schneider has had an extensive solo career with 3 critically acclaimed solo albums (Sony Music)and extensive touring all over Europe and USA, as well as 2 releases with the electronic project Sinusstøv (Playground Music). In 2016, she started the duo AyOwA, which is currently receiving praise at home and abroad for its fascinating and experimental Danish-spoken electronica. As a composer, Hannah has created, performed and arranged music for Melodien Der Blev Væk (Nørrebro Teater ’16) Revolt (Husets Teater ’17) Frit Flet (S / H ’19) and i.a. written the commissioned piece “Alfabet” (text Inger Christensen) for the Literature Festival Nord + Nordens Hus, Reykjavik. Hannah's music has been used in several movies and TV series, most recently in the movie “The Return” (CPHDox 2018)

Photo: Fryd Frydendahl

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