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Chart Art Fair 2019 

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Soil - Water - Sun is a multi-faceted performative piece; a choral composition for 8 female voices, a site-specific growth laboratory, and a musical ritual. The work intuitively engages all senses, and examines the human anchoring in the cycle of nature, providing a breeding ground for depth and reflection. A piece about the art of being present in the moment and in eternity.


Soil - Water - Sun circles around nature and culture, endings and beginnings, voices and silence. in An enchanting musical language, mantras bravely take the participants into biology - deep into the earth, through the photosynthesis and out into the universe. The stories and qualities of different plants and species are admired in song. In S - W - S, women’s voices of various ages give access to a human community, a wild family tree with roots in DNA, branches of history, dreaming and dying flowers. Here, the female voice is the collective wisdom. It is the first thing we recognize, and the last thing we forget.


Soil - Water - Sun is concerned with our earth and existence, a symbiotic relationship in accelerating decay. It reminds us that time does not heal all wounds, but requires action.


PERFORMERS: Josephine Philip, Hannah Schneider, Soffie Viemose, Anja Tietze Lahrmann, Katinka Fogh Vindeleve, Hanne Uldal, Katrine Muff Enevoldsen, Pia Gruwier. 


INSTALLATION: Developed in collaboration with Poppykalas


COSTUMES: Bettina Bakdal


The installation consists of soil, water and organic grown flowers. Costumes are made from vintage silk scarfs.   

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