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Collaborative piece with artist duo MORBLODHolckenhus Copenhagen November 2019

In four consecutive performances, Solemn discusses the notion of human bodies as isolated, autonomous, and closed, focusing instead on their cohesive nature. A sensual ritual creates a connection between salt and water, between sound and silence. 

Solemn I - IV


She was a mythweaver.

It was years ago and Salt’s name wasn’t Salt yet.

First Ocean.

The womb from where all is born

and all return to die.


She plunged into a gorge

at once solid and dissolved

but shadowless as if without dimension.

Her mouth of dancing breath became wind.


She was emptied till her interior was nothing but a pocket.

Felt and shaped simultaneously from both sides.

Skin wet and opaque dries in chills.


Water downrushes across a membrane

triggered by Salt's attraction.

Then diffusing and spreading out the concentration

creating a solution.


Penetrating you and caressing itself from your outside.

Your form dissolves and you are no more.


Realise that separation is an illusion and you become viscous.

Realise that time is an illusion and you will unravel your ghostly matter.

Unname, reconnect.

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